Students in election plea to young voters

Tadcaster Grammar pupils urge people to register to vote in the Elections. (S)
Tadcaster Grammar pupils urge people to register to vote in the Elections. (S)

Students from Tadcaster Grammar School are calling for the district’s young people to make sure they take their chance to vote in the forthcoming elections.

With the Parliamentary, District Council and Parish Council Elections on 7 May fast approaching, young people should check they will be able to vote on polling day.

To be eligible to vote, residents must be on the electoral register – this can be done easily and simply online via

Paper registration forms can also be requested, please visit the election pages on the Selby District Council website for more details.

Four students from the school explained why this election matters to them and why they think all young people should get involved in the democratic process.

Seventeen-year-old Izzy McClure explained: “People died for the right to vote and for us to have this democratic process – it’s a waste not to use your chance to have your say.

“I won’t be able to vote in this election but it is my role to make my 18-year-old friends vote because I can’t!”

Andrew Hegarty, will be old enough to vote and added: “This election will have a big impact on how the country is run – all the parties are so different that whoever does win will bring in big changes.

“Politics shapes our lives whether we like it or not. You might not think it affects you but it does.”

Fellow students Ruby Barker and Thomas Anderson are fellow first time voters.

Ruby is hoping the media focus on the issues rather than the individuals and would like to see politicians engage with young voters more.

She said: “This is our platform and our chance to vote. If young people don’t vote, then they won’t listen to us.”

The Chief Executive of Selby District Council and the District’s Returning Officer Mary Weastell said: “Voting in your first election is a milestone for young people and I would urge anyone who is voting for the first time in this election to make sure they are registered or they will miss out.”

The last date to register to vote is Monday April 20.