Stub it out warning

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to stub out their cigarettes.

Last year, there were 176 fires in West Yorkshire caused by smoking materials.

Nearly a third of households in England include a smoker and are nearly 35 per cent more likely to have a fire than non-smoking homes.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Craig McIntosh, Director of Fire Safety, said: “More people die in fires caused by smoking than any other source.

“This, as well as the fact that cigarettes cause long-term damage to your health, should be enough for everyone to stub out their cigarettes for good.”

The Fire Service advises smokers:

•Never smoke in a bedroom

•If you’re feeling drowsy, if you’re drinking alcohol or taking prescription drugs, take extra care when smoking. It’s really easy to fall asleep and not notice that a cigarette is still burning.

•Don’t leave a lit cigarette, cigar or pipe lying around

•Take responsibility and keep lighters and matches out of reach of children

•Consider buying child resistant lighters and matchboxes

•Use a proper ashtray and never tap your ash into a waste paper basket.