Stray’s worth of sausage for North Yorkshire meat producer

Picture supplied (s)
Picture supplied (s)

A North Yorkshire meat producer has revealed that if all the sausages it sold this year were to be put on one string, it would stretch the length of Harrogate’s Stray.

The Yorkshire Dales Meat Company sells its produce across the district, and has been running for ten years.

The company believes if the year’s worth of sausages were put into one link, it would stretch the quarters of a mile, from the Empress roundabout to the Prince of Wales roundabout.

They made the announcement to celebrate National Sausage Week.

James Knox, Financial Director of Yorkshire Dales Meat Company, said: “It’s just a bit of fun to mark National Sausage Week, really, but it goes to show how much our customers value our sausages.

“We do a wide range of sausages - from traditional Farmhouse Pork and Pork & Leek to Lamb & Mint, Beef & Mild Mustard, Venison and Pork & Chilli.

““Chefs know that when they buy sausages from us that they are getting sausages that their customers really enjoy eating, whether that be for breakfast or otherwise.”

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