John Chilton

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All Saints Church Spofforth: the service on Sunday, April 28 will be Holy Communion, 1662 version, at 9.30am.

Household Waste: collection at Spofforth will be on Friday, April 26.

Spofforth Village Society: will present an Hispanic Fiesta on Saturday, April 27, 7.30-11.30pm in The Long Memorial Hall. An auction of promises will be held during the evening. Tickets at £12 will include a glass of sangria, chilli and a disco. Pre booked tickets to establish numbers; adults only, available at G& M news or the Hairbelle.

Crime Report: from February 8 until March 14 there was only one detected crime recorded in Spofforth. The theft of batteries from mobile ‘phone masts in the area and red and white diesel are current regular occurrences and people with large fuel storage facilities are advised to check their security. Once again we are advised to contact 101 (or 999 if in an emergency) if we see or suspect anything suspicious. It works: Several Spofforth residents reported a suspicious character in the village on Friday and the police listened and took immediate action.