SLIDESHOW: The Thorner Fox Run

In their first fun run in eight years, the people of Thorner came out in droves to support the efforts of their local pub, which is renewing the event to raise money for two worthwhile charities.

Landlady at the Fox Inn in Thorner Sam Kendall and her husband Jason hadn’t been at the pub long before they noticed the medals on the walls.

NAWN 1408171AM7 The Fox Fun Run. Warming up before the run (1408171AM7)

NAWN 1408171AM7 The Fox Fun Run. Warming up before the run (1408171AM7)

Their regulars, particularly the older customers, spoke fondly of the fun run that used to take place in the village until it was stopped eight years ago by the police for the health and safety issues arising from running on the roads around Wetherby.

Now, however, Sam and Jason have adapted the event and taken the run off road, bringing it back to raise money for the British Lung Foundation in memory of a special former customer.

Sam said: “The run ran for years and years, but eight years ago the police stopped it for health and safety because it was on the road all around Wetherby.

“We wanted to bring it back for the runners in the village, so to feasibly run it we took it off road.

“One of our customers Norman Wilson unfortunately died a few months ago and he was one of the first runners and he did a lot for it. He was part of the British Lung Foundation, so we chose it in his memory.

“We had about 50 or 60 runners and it went really well for our first time as landlady and landlord of the pub,”

The fun run is expected to have raised around £350 for the British Lung Foundation, and next year Sam and Jason are planning to be even more organised and arrange a 10km run in addition to this year’s 2km and 6km.

To accompany the run a fun day was also put on to raise funds for Martin House Children’s Hospice - a charity with plenty of local links in Thorner.

The fun day is another event the landlady and landlord at the Fox are bringing back, much to the delight of everyone in the village, and this too was well attended.

Sam said: “We haven’t finished counting the funds yet, but we are probably looking at having raised £5,000 or £6,000 for Martin House.

“Lots of people cam down with stalls and it was just a really great day. We have been planning the whole thing with committee members for the past six months.

“The community has done really well and we couldn’t have run it without them.

“Martin House has always done a fun day every year but that finished about three years ago when the last landlord left.

“It is a local charity and a children’s hospice and I have been myself to look around and really think it is a worthy cause.”