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Gloria Ford

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Shadwell in Bloom: the in bloom volunteers are patiently waiting for the announcement of the awards from the summer judging. The awards ceremony is in the middle of September so it won’t be long now. It has been quite a challenging season, there has been a lot of vandalism and theft from the flower beds this year. It started almost as soon as the summer plants were planted. The bed at the top of Colliers Lane and the new herb beds had several plants stolen. The flower bed at the bus terminus had half of the Cosmos plants taken and the planter at the bus stop had all the heads sliced of the plants. Fortunately these plants did recover maybe someone was bored waiting for the bus or perhaps it didn’t come, as sometimes happens and the vandal took it out of the poor plants. Things went quiet for a short time then it started again with about 25 per cent of the plants in the Ash Hill Lane bed being pulled out, damaged and thrown around the verge. On the same night two baskets were taken from the top of the village. Perhaps the people who commit these acts of vandalism have no respect for the hard work and time put in by the volunteers to make Shadwell such an attractive place to live. Maybe they are just passing through the village, we do hope so. The watering of the plants has been a problem this summer and the baskets have suffered despite being watered sometimes five times a week. The system and supplier will be reviewed next season. Quite a number of the residents visited the SIB stand at the flower show and were able to find out more about the work of the volunteers. Volunteers are always welcome to help with the planting or in an administrative capacity, if you would like to volunteer please contact Norman on 01132 737393. The herb beds in Collier’s Lane are for residents to help themselves to herbs, there are information sheets in the library and anyone is welcome to take some herbs for their cooking as long as they don’t take the whole plant.