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Shadwell Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association: the New Year for the YCA started on Friday, January 11, with a talk given by Eva Dunwell on The Denby Dale Pie. Mrs Dunwell’s husband had started the talks in 1999 but he had died last year and so she decided she could do them, she had all his notes and even though this was her first time she was very good. Denby Dale was founded by the Danes in AD 762 and is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. She told the ladies that in Denby Dale the people get pie mania and then go daft. The first recorded pie was baked in 1788 to celebrate the recovery of King George III from his mental illness. So far 10 pies have been made as part of nine pie festivals. The pie baked in August 1887, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria; was found to be bad and unfit to eat when it was cut open, so the villagers had buried it. Apparently you can visit the site of the pie grave. Following its burial, a replacement pie (the resurrection pie) was baked in September 1887. The sixth pie was baked on August 1 1896, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the repeal of the Corn Laws. The seventh pie baked in 1928 was to raise money to endow a cot at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, they raised £1062 3s 5d in old money. The eighth pie, in 1964, was to celebrate four royal births but was marred by the tragic deaths of four committee members, as a result of a car accident while returning from filming in London for a pilot television show, this show later became the first British chat show presented by Eamon Andrews. This eighth pie raised money for a village hall. The most recent, a 12 ton pie was made in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. Eva had some of the pie recipes with her and the list of meat going into the pies was enormous, such as five sheep, one calf, 100lbs of beef, seven hares, 14 rabbits, two brace each of pheasants and partridges, turkey, chicken and much more. By the end of the evening everyone was feeling quite hungry. Mrs Bullough thanked Eva for her very interesting and entertaining talk. The meeting continued after coffee with the business. Gloria chaired the meeting in the absence of Chris. The Christmas dinner had been cancelled and a buffet party had been arranged instead, this had been enjoyed by everyone who had attended. This year the YCA will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. There are several events at County level including a dinner and a celebration service in York Minister on Wednesday, June 26.It was suggested that the Shadwell branch should celebrate by having a member’s evening at the March meeting. This will be the AGM so it was decided to have a buffet supper and some entertainment. The committee will finalise details at their committee meeting. Nominations for a treasurer are needed; Mrs Smith is resigning this year as is Chris Graham, branch chairman. Gloria announced there is to be a Burn’s Night supper on Saturday, January 26 and also that the craft afternoons will start again on Monday, January 14. The next meeting is on Friday, February 8 and the speaker will be Brian Russell with a talk about Hearing dogs for the deaf. Visitors and new members always welcome, meetings start at 7.30pm and are held in the village hall.