Shadwell News


Gloria Ford


Paul’s Plodders: the walking group have had several good walks despite the weather. On September 22 they explored the ancient tracks linking the Doomsday villages of Sicklinghall and Spofforth. They walked over the land bequeathed by a grateful William the Conqueror to his loyal barons. Apart from its historical connections this is a lovely short easy going walk. The walk started from the top of Sicklinghall village. The field paths to Spofforth are well defined and apart from the seasonal mud were easy to walk along. The village of Spofforth can be seen a long time before it is actually reached. Spofforth marks the halfway stage of this walk so the group had their lunch on a bench at the village hall. Once back on track the return stretch took an equally pleasant route. The group walked through the grounds of Spofforth Hall and beyond to emerge at the lower end of Sicklinghall village. There was much to admire on the walk back to the village. The walks continue throughout the year meeting at Shadwell Village Hall at 10am every two weeks. Everyone is welcome to join the group for more information contact Chris on 2737429.

Shadwell Village Hall: the village hall federation has a last raised the money for the replacement of all the windows in the hall. These are to be replaced with double glazed windows which will help to make the hall much warmer and exclude some of the sound. Planning permission has been received and the work will be carried out during the February half-term holiday to avoid too much disruption to the regular users. The committee can’t rest from fund-raising however because it is proposed to strip and re-seal the hall floor and completely redecorate the hall next year. The lighting in the hall has been replaced this year with low voltage lighting, it is estimated this will save about £800 a year and reduce the environmental impact. Apart from grants from various agencies some of the money for this work is raised through the 150 club. Members of the club pay £5 a year and are entered in a monthly draw, there are three prizes each month and “bonus” prices of £50 every summer and Christmas. 50 per cent of the total subscriptions is given back as price money.