Shadwell and District Probus Club

Whilst the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations are still in our minds, we at Shadwell Probus can boast our regal connections through John Richardson, a member since June 1993. He was doing his ‘pre-release’ training at a tannery in Yeovil when they got the order to make six perfect WHITE kid ‘skins’ for Princess Elizabeth’s wedding day gloves. The chemist said to John “come into the lab and help me” they then spent many hours ensuring the product was PERFECT.

At the time of the new Queen’s coronation, John drew out her lineage (working on the floor of his flat) going back to William the Conqueror, then to exhibit in the window of his shop in Moortown. That scroll is now displayed in Wetherby Town Hall.

It doesn’t stop there. Both he and his sister were taken to London (for the first time) a few days before the coronation of George VI and walked most of the coronation route in 1936. His sister’s souvenir, now in John’s possession, was a ball game which maps out the route of the coronation coach to and from Westminster Abbey. Cost 1 shilling then, I wonder what it’s worth now.