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Shadwell. – Gloria Ford


Shadwell History Society: the History Society’s first organised event which was held on Tuesday, May 27was a great success. Over 28 people attended the talk which meant that the library was full to capacity. This was a good indication of how many people can be comfortably seated at any future events in the library building. The talk on Lady Elizabeth Hastings was given by Dr Sylvia Pinkney. Lady Elizabeth was born on April 19 1682 and was the daughter of the 7th Earl of Huntingdon. Her brother became the 8th Earl on the death of his father and gave the estate of Ledston, near Castleford to Lady Elizabeth where she lived until her death in 1739. During her life she had an annual income of about £3,000 and she gave half of this to various charitable causes, including local charities such as a girl’s school in Ledsham and a school in Chelsea. She was a major influence in the erection of Holy Trinity Church, Leeds. Lady Elizabeth was a very brave lady, early in 1738 she was found to have breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy without an anaesthetic, from which she recovered, however her health continued to decline and she died at the end of 1739. Even during her illness she continued to make charitable donations. On her death the bulk of her estate was left to her nephew Francis Hastings, the 10th Earl of Huntingdon but she also left many charitable legacies, she left the estate of Wheldale near Wakefield to the Queen’s College, Oxford to support scholars from specified northern schools. She is remembered in the names of primary schools in Collingham, Ledston and Thorp Arch. There is a memorial to Lady Elizabeth in Ledsham church and this is based on her portrait painted by Godfrey Kneller. Dr Pinkney had some slides to illustrate her talk. Denise Trickett thanked Dr Pinkney for her interesting and informative talk. The next event to be held by the History Society is the Shadwell history walk to be led by Robert Dyson, this is on Friday, June 21 meeting at the library. For further details contact Denise Trickett or any member of the History Society committee.