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Ladies Craft Afternoon: the craft meetings are once again taking place in the village hall after a long break due to bad weather. The ladies are very busy knitting hence the name has been changed to the Knit and Natter Group because all that really happens is a lot of knitting and even more nattering. The knitting does however have a purpose; the ladies are knitting for African charities. One of these charities is for the fish and chip babies and everyone is knitting brightly coloured jumpers for these babies. The name fish and chip babies came about because a lot of the babies born in some of the poorest areas of Africa are wrapped in newspaper when they leave the hospital. The knitters are also making beanie hats for the children in Africa. One of the classes in the horticulture show this year is to be a beanie hat. The hats will be donated to charity after the show. This class takes the place of the knitted square class which has been part of previous shows. It was becoming a problem getting the blankets, which were made from the squares, to the Gambia so it was decided that beanie hats would be easier to transport. Because of all this knitting, the ladies are having a coffee morning to display their handicrafts and knitting. This is to be held on Saturday, April 27 in the village hall, starting at 10am until noon. There will be a cake stall, book and card stall plus a raffle. Entrance is £1 for coffee and biscuits. Money raised will be used to buy more wool for the knitters and to pay the postage to send the finished garments to the African charities. If anyone would like to come to the knit and natter afternoons they are held on Monday afternoon in the village hall starting at 2pm. A nominal charge of £2 goes towards paying for the hire of the hall and materials used. There are other crafts attempted, like stitched cards, patchwork, tapestry and crochet. Everyone is welcome, tea and cake is also provided, it helps to keep the tongues lubricated for the nattering!