Science week fun for Riverside pupils

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Pupils at Tadcaster’s Riverside School recently took part in an exciting and creative science week, with staff planning a whole host of activities to develop scientific understanding and enquiry skills.

As part of the week, all of the children visited the Skydome, an inflatable planetarium where the sky at night is projected onto the ceiling in order to view constellations and discuss all things out-of-this-world.



Headteacher, Ian Yapp, said: “This week has been very exciting for the whole school, every single child has had the chance to do lots of investigational science, ask lots of questions and experience the wonder of how things work.”

During the week, the pupils also got the chance to engage in a wide variety of hands-on challenges including work around circuits, fingerprints, rockets, pinhole cameras, parachutes, magnets and aeroplanes.

“Even the youngest pupils had great fun, experimenting with soap and bubbles,” added Mr Yapp.

Also included were visitors including staff from Tadcaster Grammar School who led some chemistry investigations and even demonstrated dissection of a heart.

Powerdown Pete, the North Yorkshire Schools’ energy and efficiency lead also led and worked with some groups.