School opens doors to boys

Gateways School will soon be opening its High School doors to boys for the first time.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 10:08 am
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 4:37 am

After seeing how boys and girls were thriving in the Harewood-based Prep School, Headteacher Dr Tracy Johnson, and the board of governors made the decision to allow boys to continue into the High School from September 2019.

Dr Johnson, Head of Gateways School said: “Smaller schools, and smaller class sizes, are better for some pupils and as a Head, it is important to me to provide this choice for all parents, whether they have sons or daughters.

“That is why we are looking forward to our first boys moving up from our Prep into High School next year and are welcoming applications from boys in year 6 at other schools in the area to join them.”

Gateways recently came fifth out of all of the small independent schools in the country at A level and seventh at GCSE level.

In terms of the progress pupils make, Gateways is regularly placed in the top ten of all schools in the country.