Scarcroft street in most expensive list

NAPR. Scarcroft Property Feature. 111010ARpic7.
NAPR. Scarcroft Property Feature. 111010ARpic7.

Residents of Bracken Park, Scarcroft can consider themselves lucky after their street has once again topped a poll as the most expensive in Yorkshire.

Bracken Park was named the most expensive street in the county in a survey this month by banking group Lloyds TSB - for the second year running.

The street is home to properties with an average price of £934,000, according to researchers.

The most expensive streets in Yorkshire are all located in the area that makes up the “Golden Triangle” between Harrogate, York and North Leeds.

Resident and parish councillor Paul Thompson, who has lived in the village for more than 45 years, said the news came as little surprise.

“This is the place to be and lots of people come here as it is seen as a prestigious area.

“Most of the houses on Bracken Park are very large, though there are a couple of smaller ones also on the street.

“I think it is so expensive because of this Golden Triangle of Harrogate, York, and North Leeds.

“If you put these large houses somewhere else I am not sure they would sell for the same price they do here.

“This is a popular place to be and people are prepared to pay for it.

“We have seen a lot of people come and go over the years. We hope the people who move into Bracken Park get involved with the local community as much as possible.”

The leafy street has many four, five and six bedroom detached properties, some of which are currently on the market for more than one million pounds.

Chairman of Scarcroft Parish Council, Paddy Procter, said despite the survey, there was a need for smaller accommodation in the village.

She said: “In Scarcroft we have these streets with big expensive houses.

“However, there is a drastic need for smaller housing in the village at the moment.

“Older people in the village often need to downsize and are not able to do so. I would like to see developers building small accommodation here.”

Mrs Procter also said she was surprised that Ling Lane, near to Bracken Park, and nicknamed “Millionaires Row” by locals, was not on this year’s list.

Suren Thiru, housing economist at Lloyds TSB, said: “Unsurprisingly, the most expensive residential streets in England and Wales are in London, but Bracken Park in Leeds takes the title in Yorkshire and the Humber.

“The biggest concentration of Yorkshire’s expensive properties is in the “Golden Triangle” between Harrogate, York and north Leeds. The survey shows that the most expensive streets continue to be tightly clustered in relatively small areas.”

The second most expensive road in the region is Wigton Lane in Leeds, where houses cost an average of £840,000.

Orchard Close in York is a close third with an average property price of £800,000.

Outside of Yorkshire, the most expensive street is Camden Square, London, where £4.9m is needed to buy a house close to Kensington Palace in London’s Holland Park.

The priciest streets away from the English capital tend to be in the Home Counties, the study revealed.