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Scarcroft / Bardsey Parish boundary changes: the civil parish councils were formed in 1894, not to be confused with the Ecclesiastical Parish of Thorner with Scarcroft. Boundaries usually followed natural lines across country such as rivers, streams and woodland between settlements. On the north side or Scarcroft the stream is followed, passing under the A58 below North Hill, around what is now Green View and by Malthouse Close crossing under Syke Lane and along side Green Way, then across the golf course to what is the boundary of the lower end of Ling Lane houses. It then cuts onto Bracken Park splitting the road with houses on opposite side being in different parishes. In those days it was all agricultural land, there were no properties in the Bardsey Parish area other than Moses Syke Farm and some quarries. From the first war onwards house building, properties in front of the quarry that was a builders yard, now passed for more houses. And what is now Malthouse Close, The council estate, Moss Syke, built by the Wetherby RDC and the Scarcroft Golf Clubhouse. On the west side of Green View, about 1970’s the area that was The Garth was opened up to give access to what is now Syke Green, the remainder is now recently completed houses. Following the closure of the Poultry Farm, that site was developed for still more houses, all falling within the Bardsey Parish area. If one looks at a current map of Scarcroft it will be seen to be a fairly compact village, all with a postal address of Scarcroft. We now have the ridiculous situation of the central parts of Scarcroft village being in Bardsey Parish area, a wide spread village two miles away. North of Scarcroft is the Waysides, many of their residents regard themselves as Scarcroft with a Scarcroft address but this is not the current issue. For many years now this anomaly has been discussed by the Scarcroft Parish with a number of attempts made to rationalise the situation. This improvement would give a clear dividing line. All Scarcroft residents would be then be on the one electoral roll, voting at the village hall, rather than travelling to Bardsey, clearing the ludicrous situation of opposite sides of the road, adjoining houses, and gardens and houses being in different parishes. For some reason Bardsey Parish Council object and consider that Scarcroft are annexing some of their area, but Scarcroft Parish Council just consider it sensible way to tidy up the long standing anomaly that causes confusion and administration difficulties. For further information and details contact the clerk 01937 574042 and send your views as soon as possible to the Returning Officer, Electoral Services Level 2, Town Hall Leeds LS1 3AD to be received by September 16.

Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club: following the lunch, laid on by Mary Fowler and her staff the speaker Val Howson from the Salvation Army was introduced. Val attended Hunslet Moor Primary school attending chapel regularly with her parents, living in a back to back house with the family. For regular attendance at chapel she was given a New Testament book. Time came to look for a job, there was choice of a factory or Marshall & Snellgroves in Leeds, the the Princess Royal used to shop there. Leaving Marshall & Snelgroves, after various small jobs joined the Salvation Army on Meanwood Road working in their charity shop. All items are between £1.50 and £5. We are not on our own with many charity shops around, St Gemmas, RSPCA, NSPCC, Help the Aged. Giving a wonderful talk on her life in the charity shop. A collection was taken on behalf of The Salvation Army. A vote of thanks was given by Margaret Midgley.

Scarcroft Women’s Institute visit to Cook: members and friends paid a visit to Cook at Moortown Corner who produce ready meals and puddings. The party was shown round and given a talk by Graham and Samantha who explained their various products, including salmon, pate, chicken and with tasting samples on offer, including a glass of wine or fruit juice. Members then had the opportunity to look round the shop and purchase items and products. Thanks to Margaret Midgley for organising the visit.