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Scarcroft WI: the May meeting was held at the village hall, starting with a short talk by parish coun Ruth Middleton on the area of land next to the village car park that has been received from the proposed Castle Mona development. Ideas being sought from residents for uses from the land are so far ranging from a football kick about childrens playground and a planted area with seating. As it is next to the hall the two will be combined. The next item was a discussion of ideas for a new image for the WI Christmas coffee morning. Pauline Reeves along with seven members attended the Group WI Spring Council meeting held at Pudsey Civic hall, a very enjoyable day with an interesting talk by Leslie Smith on the life of Ann Bolyne. Future events are a rerun of the Scarcroft WI 90th birthday party. This was spoilt by a very snowy day, new invitations will be sent out. It is hoped to have a Christmas lunch at Lakeside Cafe at Roundhay. June Mitton, in the chair, then introduced the speaker for the eveing Mrs D McKeon talking about Inside China. Mother of six children, one having gone to China doing voluntary work for two years teaching English. Mrs McKeon visited her daughter in China, seeing the Great Wall of China and visiting the Summer Palace with lots of people taking photographs of them. Transport is so very crowded you cannot breathe. Ladies drive the buses. They also travelled on the trains, where all the carriages had no doors and three beds to a compartment. Elizabeth went on the top bunk, she was below and a gentlemen was in the middle. She was certainly a celebrity that day, they were all coming to look at the silver haired lady, she panicked and shouted “Elizabeth” who said”You’re on your own mother, get on with it”. She also talked about health care in China community areas. If you went into hospital you took your own bedding. Someone has to come in to feed you, the hospital only gives you medication. Elizabeth was taken ill when in China and had to come home for treatment. You are only allowed one child in China. If the girls go onto futher education, there are 40 girls in a dormitory and you have very little space for all your personal belongings having to go on or under your bed. Up at 6.30am each morning for exercises in temperatures of 40 degrees. Pat Lofthouse gave a vote of thanks. Tea served by Sue Holland and Sandra Thompson.