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Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club: the April lunch was held at the village hall, a week later due to Easter. Following the meal prepared by Mary Fowler and her staff. Judith Oxer introduced the speaker Muriel Tucker whose subject was Donsabella Dresses. Muriel herself was dressed in clothes from the Charles I reign. Dressed as a Yorkshire farmhouse lady. Starting with knitted socks to the knees, petticoat with a wide top like a shirt. Put on a bun roll, then petticoats, then a corset some made with bone or wood, these corsets were really tight. Then went on the dress, also carried parminda in shape of small orange pinned to the garments, also pinned on a bottle with perfume to the dress. She showed a lovely jacket that she had made. A mans night cap was always red inside. Ladies hats made of felt in a Welsh fashion. After the skirt, an apron was added for decoration. They wore shoes neither left or right so they could be swapped. Margaret Midgley gave a vote of thanks. Next luncheon Monday, May 6 at noon at Scarcroft Village Hall.