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Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club: Mary Fowler, as usual prepared the meal for the March Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club, held at the village hall. The speaker was Gary Tatterton whose subject was Taxidermy. Although some what gruesome, can produce quite spectacular results many involving trophies, pets, birds, larger animals and even fish. A barn owl hit by a car. All are finished and appropriately mounted. He studied biology at school, 30 years in the job with training in America. Has carried out TV work, Emmerdale ferret, Mavis Riley’s budgie in Coronation Street. A vote of thanks was given by Margaret Midgley. The next luncheon is Monday, April 8 noon at the Scarcroft Village Hall.

New Speed Limits: observant drivers, using the country lanes within Scarcroft, Wike, East Keswick and Bardsey will have noticed recently, new galvanised post appearing alongside these roads. They have now been fitted with speed restriction signs. The majority restrict all speeds to 30 mph, However, Tarn Lane and the Coal Road are 40mph. It is to be hoped that the new limits will reduce the amount of out of control vehicles that finish up in hedges and fields on corners and narrow stretches and the consequent injury and damage.

Thorner Lane triangle and pond: the triangle with its pond has recently been tided up by the Leeds Parks Department, with the trees pruned and scrub undergrowth cleared. This has opened the area out and improved visibility. In addition the grips and drains have been dug out allowing standing water to drain away from the road. Now signs of spring are appearing with the snowdrops and daffodils that have been planted by the parish council over the years are now promising a spectacular show.

Scarcroft Women’s Institute: the March meeting of the Scarcroft Women’s Institute is at the village hall on Thursday, March 14 at 7.30pm.