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Sandra Thompson

0113 289 2650

The A58 Wetherby Road Landslip: following the embankment collapse on the Wetherby road near Stoney Lane some months ago, temporary one way traffic lights have been in place, fortunately well timed and not causing too much delay. A temporary working access was made through the field gate from the closed Stoney Lane. In spite of less than ideal working weather conditions, the landslip area was cleared and the embankment rebuilt and consolidated with fresh material, finally the footpath re-kerbed, back edged and new tarmac surfaces laid on the road and path. Although some final work will still be required, the lights, signs, and cones were cleared on the Friday before Christmas allowing traffic the full use of the road again. The work carried out by the Leeds City Highways Department along with contractors.

Friends of Scarcroft Village Hall: there is still time to join the Friends of Scarcroft Village Hall (Late Vice Presidents) supporting our village hall and receive a thank-you invitation to the prestigious New Year Reception. Details from Sandra 0113 2892650.