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Scarcroft Development Group: a public meeting of the development group was held at the village hall attended by a good turnout of residents. Chairperson of the group, Coun Ruth Middleton explained that the group, part of Scarcroft Parish Council was formed 18 months ago to establish a Scarcroft Neighbourhood Plan that would lay out the Scarcroft development policy for the next 15 -25 years. This states what the village would like rather than have the Leeds City Council policies just imposed on us without any say. At that time developers had put forward very large areas of housing in all the local villages including Scarcroft. In the event the city council, to the relief of the villages, ‘sieved out’ large amounts of development including all in Scarcroft leaving only the nPower site brown area, not the green belt. which is classed as mixed use. This came as great relief to the ordinary residents who didn’t want further housing. The owner of Wood Farm on the Wetherby Road, Alex Jackson expressed his disappointment that his plans for developing Wood farm to include shops, playground and affordable housing had not been included in the Plan. It was pointed out that the Neighbourhood Plan does not preclude any landowner in the village to make any application to Leeds City Council Planning Department, who make the decision, for any development they propose for their land. The last fifty years has seen the Scarcroft double in size with very little benefit for the village but made money for owners and developers. Once built upon, concreted land will never be a green field again. Constructive comments of the Neighbourhood plan can be sent quoting page, and section, suggested amendments, name and address to email or posted in the red box at the village hall. The AGM of the group is on January 27 at the village hall.

Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club: Monday, January 6 saw the first 2014 luncheon at the Scarcroft Village Hall. As usual the meal was laid on by Mary Fowler and her staff. Judith Oxer welcomed everybody, wishing them a happy new year. The Speaker was Clodagh Tweedale who spoke about her Nativity play at Elland Sunday School Hall. Clodagh was asked by her cousin to help out, so, to get going, we first needed a Mary and Joseph. Mary was soon found, A young lad became Joseph, the cousin found two boys for the shepherds and a little blond girl ideal for the angel. Everyone rallied round, a cardboard manger, stuffed chickens and cut out cardboard animals. Clodagh said ‘never admit you have sewing machine’! You have the job of making the costumes. The wise men were dressed in gold silver and mixed costumes. Parents behind the curtain in case of forgotten lines. The show went well, they did it for the local care home. Judith gave a vote of thanks. Next lunch Monday, February 10 noon at the village hall.

Scarcroft Parish Council: the January meeting of the Scarcroft Parish Council is on Monday, January 20 7.30pm.