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Scarcroft Parish Boundaries: the Scarcroft Parish Council and the boundaries were established in 1894. Over the years, particularly since the war, housing developments have taken place in Scarcroft postal village but actually being in Bardsey Parish area to the extent that properties on opposite sides of the road and next door neighbours were in separate parishes, different electoral rolls and polling stations. This odd situation had to be explained to residents on numerous occasions and with Scarcroft Parish looking after the area. Attempts have been made by Scarcroft Parish Council for 50 years to rationalise this situation. Bardsey Parish Council objected to this on the grounds of land annexation and loss of council tax revenue. The Leeds City Council have taken an independent look at the boundaries and particularly with regard to the electoral roll and poling and have decided to resolve the ludicrous situation by redrawing the boundaries.

Scarcroft winter holiday: for the Christmas tinsel and turkey break the party of local people and friends joined Tony Broome’s Britannia coach, picking up at Wetherby, Knaresborough, travelling to Windermere although delayed, stopping at the Country Harvest near Kirby Lonsdale for lunch. Then calling at Ulverston visiting their Christmas market, the whole town appeared to have turned out with stalls lining every street in the town centre. Then proceeding to our hotel, the well known Windermere Hydro Hotel, good food and evening entertainment. Day trips and visits were organised. A visit to the spectacular South Lakes Animal Park with a very large collection of all sorts of animals, although wild were very used to mixing with the public, the large and big cats were of course enclosed. Returning and calling at Coniston on the west of the lake, and Ambleside. Next there was a very pleasant boat trip, a circular tour of Windermere, complete with a good commentary about the lake and served coffee. Time was then available to look round Windermere and Bowness. Keswick was the next visit, a pleasant market town but has lost two of its famous museums The Motor and Mining museums. Returning, a call was made at Grasmere, picturesque village, the home area of the poet William Wordsworth. The weather was cloudy but remained dry. Thanks to John Midgley of Brandon Coaches, Driver Tony Broome and acting Courier Sandra Thompson.

Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club: the December lunch took the form of a Christmas dinner. Christmas presents were exchanged. There was no usual speaker and members enjoyed excellent musical entertainment by Stafford Partington and Martin Hewitt on keyboards and guitar. A vote of thanks was given by Margaret Midgley who wished everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Scarcroft Women’s Institute theatre visit: members made their way down to the Grand Theatre in Leeds to see a performance of Scrooge, starring Tommy Steele who many members well remember from their younger days. This was extremely good and enjoyed by all.

Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club Christmas outing: members of the luncheon club travelled with Tony Broome’s Britannia coach to visit Arley Hall at Northwhich, Cheshire to see the Christmas Floral Extravaganza. Leaving Bardsey and Scarcroft, calling at Highlegh Garden Centre at Knutsford for a coffee and lunch stop. Moving on to Arley Hall, to see their very impressive Christmas floral extravaganza, part by candle light. The party then travelled on to the Pennine Manor Hotel for an excellent evening meal before heading for home. The weather was good and an enjoyable time was had by all. Thanks to Judith Oxer and Ruth Bryant for organising the day out.