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Ken Hartley: the funeral took place at Thorner Church of Ken Hartley who lived most of his life in Thorner but was well known throughout the district. The Hartley family had run their joinery and undertaking and hardware business their trademark being a carved bell. Ken was involved with all aspects of

village life, cricket and following his father George, as a parish councillor and chairman. Ken married Kathleen Hills of East Rigton and started out running the shop at Manor House in Thorner Lane, Scarcroft. When the children arrived they moved back to Thorner, the shop being sold as a private house. The undertaking business continues today. Ken leaves Kathleen, sons Stuart, David and Richard.

Scarcroft Parish Council: the full council met at the village hall for the March meeting. The chairlady welcomed Gina Carter, the new clerk to her first full meeting. The retiring clerk Peter Hart attended for part of the meeting. PCSO Susan Broadwell gave a police report of criminal activity, this is low in Scarcroft. There had been a number of recent speed checks on the A58 with a number booked and a couple or so booked for licence and insurance offences that can mean vehicle confiscation. Matt Bentley Leeds Conservation Officer gave a talk on conservation areas. The last Scarcroft review was 1975 and a new review is currently starting. The Leeds City Council Governance review is taking place, this will effect those parishes wishing change their boundaries. There was an update on the development group. Thanks to be sent to Andrew Birkbeck who stands down after completing his work on the Localism Bill. Castle Mona site, it was noted that the deed of transfer has now been received, an area of land will be fenced below the village hall. Financial matters were dealt with, payments made and future bank arrangements and matters relating the appointment of the new clerk. Village Hall, an update was given regarding the transfer to a new management committee, it was noted that more help is still required. The situation regarding the wet areas in the car park were noted, water from adjoining higher ground is finding its way to the surface. As repairs involve surface water drainage, environmental and building control advice will be needed. It was agreed to have the ten A58 hanging baskets and the two planters this year, sponsorship welcome. Bulb planting on the new site on Syke Lane discussed. Various items of correspondence had been received. Next meeting of the parish council is Monday, May 20 at the village hall.