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Sandra Thompson

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Scarcroft Show Society AGM: the show society held it’s AGM in the village hall on Monday. Chairman Graham Shayler welcomed residents and friends. Last years minutes were read and agreed. The chairman reported on a good year in spite of the poor weather and staff shortages. Thanks to all who had helped in any way. Secretary Susan Wilson reported on the year. A successful June coffee morning had been held. Due to the committee shortage and the poor weather the 2012 show was in serious doubt. Following rallying round for helpers and exhibitors a last minute the decision was taken to go ahead, and in the event it turned out to be very successful. The treasurer Roy Watson reported on a successful financial year . Along with supporting the village hall the two events left a surplus and as pointed out, profit is not important provided we keep head above water. The 2013 dates: coffee morning, June 15. Flower show September 14. Following many years running the village hall and supporting the society since its formation in 1978 but now standing down from the hall, the society presented Paul and Sandra Thompson with a half barrel planter as thanks for their services. Following the meeting, a very nice light buffet laid on by Caroline Gallagher, was enjoyed by everybody.

Scarcroft Village Hall Committee: a meeting of the management committee took place at the hall. The chairman, Paul C Thompson, following the minutes, reported that due to the quantity of water coming through the car park surface this year a soft patch was developing that will require serious attention. A leaking tap is to be replaced, and the electrical inspection. PAT testing and replacement of the external courtesy light is due to be done this week. Discussion took place regarding the future of the management and it is hoped that this will be sorted out at the next meeting, the AGM March 21.