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Dr PT Boyle: Scarcroft residents were saddened to hear of the passing of Dr PT Boyle of Collingham. Older residents will remember the practice of Dr Boyle and Dr Lawson in the 50s and 60s, run from Dr Lawson’s house on The Avenue, Collingham, the old style of village doctors, covering both Scarcroft and Bardsey. Time moved on and a new surgery was built on Station Lane. Mrs Boyle assisted at the surgery particularly with baby clinics. Later with the increase in village populations the present surgery and pharmacy was built on the old wood yard site on School Lane and the practice moved into the NHS computer age. Scarcroft residents ran a collection on Dr Boyle’s retirement and presented him and his wife, with garden furniture.

Scarcroft Ladies Luncheon Club: the February lunch was held at the village hall on Monday. The lunch as usual was laid on by Mary Fowler and her staff. The speaker was Aileen Dunlop who spoke about Women and the American Civil War: Showing a film Cold Mountain book, love story, 1760 1761 revolution period. A vote of thanks proposed by Margaret Midgley. Next luncheon March 4 at noon at the village hall.

Village Hall Car Park: not tarmacked, the centre are of the hall car park, slightly sloping with a road planing material surface, has for many years been trouble free and solid. There has always been a slight seepage through the surface,of underground water originating from the area above and beyond the car park, but during the years large rain fall amounts, overflowing soakaways and together with the recent snow and frost, clay is now working through and is very soft. The area has been fenced off and to make a good job will require excavating, draining and stoning, and possibly if funds allow, tarmacking.