Safety concerns over Knaresborough paddling pool to be addressed

Councillor Gostlow stands by the signs following her successful campaign last year.
Councillor Gostlow stands by the signs following her successful campaign last year.

Following a call by a Knaresborough Town Councillor, Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) has said the Bebra gardens paddling pool will be repainted before summer.

Councillor Hannah Gostlow (Lib) called on HBC for the popular pool to be repainted with non-slip paint before it reopens this year after a number of parents raised complaints.

Councillor Gostlow said the paddling pool is usually painted with a special paint to prevent slipping, but users of the facility last year had reported that it was a lot slippier than previous years.

Ms Gostlow said: “Last year a lot of mums complained that the paddling pool was too slippy and there wasn’t any grip. I am concerned there could be an accident if no action is taken and I have contacted Harrogate Borough council to ask that the paddling pool is repainted before it is filled with water for the new holiday season. I was really pleased with the response of the council last year to our efforts to keep dogs out of the paddling pool and I hope they will be as supportive on this issue too.”

But the call which followed Ms Gostlow’s successful campaign last year to improve signage warning dog owners to keep their dogs out of the pool has also been met with success.

HBC said they are already on the case for ensuring the Bebra gardens facility is safe and ready to be re-opened for the sunny season.

Councillor Michael Harrison, HBC Cabinet Member for Environment said: “We regularly inspect our play areas and deal with any issues. This particular pool is due to be repainted in time for the start of the season.”