Row with Leeds City Council over ‘eyesore’

NAWN 1412023AM6 Beadnall Copley sign. Andrew Beadnall of Beadnall Copley with client Sue Jenner. (1412023AM6)
NAWN 1412023AM6 Beadnall Copley sign. Andrew Beadnall of Beadnall Copley with client Sue Jenner. (1412023AM6)

A heated row between Leeds City Council (LCC) and a local business owner has developed over for sale signs.

Andrew Beadnall, of Beadnall Copley Estate Agents, told the Wetherby News he was ‘incensed’ by the council’s behaviour when a letter was sent to him telling him to remove for sale signs within two days or face legal action.

The boards, placed on a grass verge, were said to be ‘an eyesore’, creating ‘road traffic hazards’, and could ‘directly injure pedestrians’, according to a letter sent by an LCC environmental action officer.

Now taken down, a board outside a house on Spofforth Hill, currently owned by Sue Jenner, also had to be moved and is now covered by trees.

Mr Beadnall said: “I am furious people are making us remove boards and that owners of houses trying to sell their properties, legitimately believing a strip of grass is theirs, are suddenly told it’s not.

“They have a department at LCC which obviously has nothing better to do in life, paid for by idiots like me with the tax I pay and who employs local people, paying hundreds and thousands a year to keep these people in work, and they then tell us these boards are in the wrong place.”

Mrs Jenner has been looking after the grass verge where the board was placed for 30 years, according to Mr Beadnall, cutting the grass, and believed it belonged to her house.

Mr Beadnall has also written to Elmet and Rothwell MP Alec Shelbrooke and Wetherby Coun Alan Lamb (Con) about this issue.

“If this was a board that was somewhere it didn’t belong I am the first to say it shouldn’t be there, but when it is innocently put on a little strip of verge it is disgraceful,” he said.

“You need to bang your drum in these times to sell your property and if you live on a main road you should show your house is up for sale.

“People are trying to sell existing houses having it made difficult by people driving round in what I consider a police state, and to receive a legal notice - I am incensed.”

According to LCC, signs can only be displayed on the house for sale, not on locations away from the property.

A spokesman said: “Following an accumulation of advertising signs on the A58 from Collingham to Scarcroft, we contacted the estate agents to ask that these boards be taken down as soon as possible.

“Signs for the sale or letting of residential and other properties are not permitted without consent on highways verges, and we have a responsibility as a council to ensure that any illegal advertising which causes an eyesore and/or a potential road traffic hazard, are removed quickly.”