Riverside pupils get sporty


Some of the youngest pupils at Tadcaster’s Riverside School recently enjoyed their second week this year focused around PE skills development.

The themed weeks are in addition to the pupils’ normal PE lessons and provide extended opportunities for all sorts of activities including focus on moving safely, jumping, balance, climbing, swinging and landing safely.

“It’s an exciting week with lots of opportunities for the children to be active and build up their confidence with larger apparatus challenges,” said Alison Woodward, class teacher and leader of Early Years at the school.

Ms Woodward added that the PE skills week had led to children making great progress in the sector.

“We can spend lots of time using the apparatus without taking up a lot of the lesson with changing and setting up time, meaning that the in these longer sessions the children can try new skills and really work hard to develop and refine their movements, in addition of course to improving their levels of fitness,” added Ms Woodward.

Class RAW pupil Declan said: “I love it, I’m making my heart beat faster and I’m getting strong.”