Restaurant Review: Fillmore & Union, Wetherby

NAWN 1402191AM2 Philmore and Union. (1402191AM2)
NAWN 1402191AM2 Philmore and Union. (1402191AM2)

Ed White reports from this popular, quaint and delectable restaurant just a short stone’s throw from Wetherby market square

Positioned a stone’s throw from Wetherby’s market square, Filmore and Union is perfectly slotted into the town’s suave restaurant scene.

Coated with class, the cafe bar, which doubles as a restaurant into the late evening, offers an easy tempo for a night-time meal.

I had only ever been there for a coffee before, not knowing that it turned into a chilled evening space when the sun goes down.

Downstairs tables are settled on a dark wooden floor, with clean brick walls and modern chalkboards spread around.

Upstairs the seating is quaint, white and relaxed.

Jazz music sounded throughout the restaurant giving a lovely atmosphere as we tucked into our seats next to the main large window on Saturday and handed the Valentine’s Day special menu.

Other customers soon took up their tables around us and the evening had a really good feel. I was drinking soft drinks and assured by our charming waiter Tom that only healthy soft drinks were served. a pink lemonade arrived!

It was lovely!

I chose the homemade seasonal soup to start, mainly to taste the interesting mix of almonds, apple and butternut squash.

The trio blended for an exquisite taste and the almonds provided a well-worked crunch.

The Moroccan spiced pork and sweet potato pate also came delightfully dressed and I was assured was delicious.

A sirloin steak followed, beautifully cooked to medium as the meat fell apart on top of the roasted sweet potato base.

The za’taar spiced pork medallions equally showed off the chef’s talents.

For dessert, the passion fruit lemongrass pannacotta felt the right option, but the pistachio and dark chocolate pot ran close! One spoonful from my partner’s plate was enough to show its rich, devine taste and texture.

Filmore and Union provides a really great setting for that special evening or to enjoy on any night out.

During the day, be sure to enjoy a mixture of glorious homemade cakes and delicious hot drinks.

The evening menu is varied to suit most tastes. The owners have certainly got their research spot on.

To book your seat in Wetherby at 61 Market Street call 01937580135.

Restaurants are also at 3 Station Square, Harrogate on 1423 560 988 and 62a Low Petergate, York 01904654123.