Recycling experts in Wetherby

A team of recycling experts are hitting the streets to help people prepare for changes to their bin collections in the Wetherby area.

The event will give people the opportunity to ask any questions about the new service and get advice on how to make the most of their green bin.

Plans are currently being finalised for another 100,000 properties in west, north west and north east Leeds to have their black bins emptied one week and green bin emptied the next.

In Wetherby an event will be held at Wetherby Town Centre shopping area between 10am and 4pm tomorrow on Thursday October 17.

Leeds City Council say that they are already receiving the new bin service show that people are recycling more and putting less rubbish in their black bins.

The shift to the new service is aimed at upping the amount of waste the city recycles as well as making substantial savings to the council’s budget.

Last year the council paid over £9 million to dump rubbish in landfill sites and this bill set to rise by £1.5 million a year unless the amount of waste thrown away is reduced.