Reader letter: Don’t let them ruin Christmas

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It is not all festive and celebration at this religious and festive time of year, especially in Cromford.

Yesterday I discovered that someone or persons had vandalised and stolen festive decorations from the Christmas Nativity scene in the Memorial Gardens at Cromford.

I liaised with the Parish Council to help sort the matter out and we are grateful for the help and support from the District Council.

However, that crime paled somewhat when I learned this morning that the Postmistress (Carol) at Cromford and been robbed at gun point whilst on duty in the Post Office yesterday afternoon. Thankfully she was not hurt but is naturally very badly shaken. The Police are of course dealing with this matter and will no doubt put out their own appeal out for help with any witnesses to this robbery.

As District Councillor for the area I would like to add my own appeal to the villagers to help where you can with these two incidents, provide support, as I know you will, to Carol, but above all let’s pull together to not let these despicable people ruin Christmas in Cromford.

If anyone has any information that can help the Police do please contact them, or feel free to contact me and I will pass your information on.

-Cllr Garry Purdy

Masson Ward