Public meeting to discuss Hill housing

A public meeting is to be held to discuss controversial plans for 325 homes at Wetherby’s Spofforth Hill.

Since they were announced, the plans have drawn much criticism with objectors claiming loss of agricultural land, extra traffic not enough affordable housing and pressure on existing facilities.

Campaigners say residents will have the chance to question councillors on the proposed development at a public meeting in Wetherby Town Hall on Monday March 24 at 7pm.

Spokesman for the objectors Jim Walton, of Carlton Approach, said: “This is an ill conceived development for Wetherby which plunders prime farming land and doesn’t appear to meet the need for decent, conveniently located (close to amenities) affordable housing.

“It also appears to have been progressed without proper public consultation.

“The only consultation I can recall is a letter last June signed by our ward councillors say that No to development wasn’t an option.

“According to the Leeds city planning website ther eshould have been an opportunity for further public oncsultation before this site was released for housing development.”