Progress at revamp of Boston Spa’s Peace Garden

Work taking place to revamp the Peace Garden at Boston Spa.
Work taking place to revamp the Peace Garden at Boston Spa.

Over the last ten days there has been a great deal of activity down by the riverside behind Boston Spa Methodist Church. You may well remember how, earlier this year, the local Scouts, Cubs and Beavers helped clear the riverbank to help create a Peace Garden for the Church and Community.

Now volunteers from within the Church and helpers from the community have been marking out and laying winding pathways and steps that lead up to the Church. Great quantities of brambles, creepers and ivy have been cleared away to make way for planting areas. Dumped rubbish has been cleared, including parasols, an angle-poise lamp and parts of an old stove.

Organisers have been delighted to see frogs jumping about and a little robin watching what was happening. The frogs have been rescued and placed in a safe woodpile nearby.

Rev Susan Greenhart said: “Passersby on the path that runs by the river have all stopped to chat and have commented positively on the improvements we are making. Their encouragement is spurring on the work of the volunteers. Our next task is to remove the banking to enable a terrace to be formed at the back of the Church and to position benches where people can sit and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of this woodland area in a natural oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the High Street.

“Recently, local Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took part in a competition organised by the B4G Project Team at Boston Spa Methodist Church to design a Peace Garden. There has been a good response with many thoughtful designs produced. Last Sunday everyone in church was able to vote for their favourite design in each age group. A prize winners’ presentation evening will be held in the Peace Garden in September.

“So if you have time, do come for a walk by the River Wharfe in Boston Spa and see the fruits of all the continuing hard work. You will be amazed by the transformation!”