Portas’ supporters explore legal route to help him stay in UK

NAWN 1408054AM3 Portas Ongondo. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1408054AM3)
NAWN 1408054AM3 Portas Ongondo. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1408054AM3)

Campaigners trying to win the right for Collingham caretaker Portas Ongondo to stay in the UK say they are looking into new legal avenues.

The 53-year-old Kenyan-born Lady Hastings school employee has lost two rights to appeal deportation following the break down of his 34-year marriage.

Supporter Claire Strachan said: “Following the news last week that Portas has lost his appeal to the Higher Tribunal, we are now seeking additional legal advice.

“Alec Shelbrooke continues to offer advice on the matter and is supporting the community in our efforts to help Portas.

“Combined with the overwhelming community support, and brilliant ongoing support from all of the regional media, this is all helping to give Portas the hope that he will finally get the outcome he both needs and deserves.”

Wetherby MP Alec Shelbrooke said he has been involved with Portas’ application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK for nearly a year.

“Although Portas’ application has been rejected, the community are continuing their efforts in objection to this decision and have asked me to raise further matters with the Home Office on their behalf,” said Mr Shelbrooke.

Meanwhile over 830 signatures have been made online and among them is niece Celia who lives in the UK and said Portas is like a father to her.

“The thought of my uncle Portas not being around breaks my heart. I have cried myself to sleep most nights.

“It causes me real distress to think of the devastation his forced departure may cause my cousins Sylvester, Gerald and Emmanuel, as well as the children, parents and staff at Lady Elizabeth Hastings School and Collingham community as a whole, where he belongs.”