What’s in a name


Wetherby High School Sixth Form student Mohammed Ali starred in the BBC’s Question Time which was broadcast from Doncaster on December 4.

He entered into the debate about why Mohammed is now the most popular name in Britain and received a round of applause for his contribution.

He said: “All the members of the audience had to submit their questions for the panel to answer.

“My question did not get picked at first; the show ran out of time but I did get chance to ask my question at the end of the programme just in a different form.

“A member of the audience asked, ‘Are we keeping up with British values when we have so many Islamic names such as Mohammed?

“As the debate got heated, I felt that it was appropriate for me to answer; after all I’m called Mohammed.

“After David Dimbleby gave me permission to speak, I pointed out to the audience that I was also called Mohammed and that I thought it was strange that we were judging people on their names.

“I got a round of applause and they moved on next topic.”

Mohammed made the trip with Year 13 pupil Robbie Purves and former student Ben Littlewood.

The panel, led by David Dimbleby, was joined by Conservative culture secretary Sajid Javid MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper MP, Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams, actor and comedian Omid Djalili and the former director of the Cetnre for Police Studies Jill Kirby.

Mohammed added: “All three of us agreed that it was a great experience. It was interesting and rather surreal viewing joining in with the show from an audience perspective rather than seeing it on TV.”

Wetherby High School will get their own chance to experience a Question Time when Mr Alec Shelbrooke MP visits the school on January 23 to take part in a Sixth Form Question Time event.