Scouts quiz MPS in bid for democracy and citizenship

Scouts from Boston Spa went head to head with MPs including Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families Edward Timpson in a bid to learn about democracy and citizenship.

To mark the launch of a new curriculum to help Scouts play their part in the democratic process, youngsters from the village tested MPs in a quiz in parliament with the 1st Boston Spa Vikings group teaming up with Wetherby MP Alec Shelbrooke.

Ellie Manson, a Scout from 1st Boston Spa, said: “The quiz was so much fun – I learnt lots of new things about parliament and it was great to spend time with my local MP.”

The winning team, after questions on politics and current affairs, was from 1st Stanway.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families Edward Timpson MP spoke at the event, which was attended by MPs including Liz Truss and Gareth Thomas.

‘Talk This Way’, the new teaching pack launched at the event, will be given to all Scout leaders and aims to educate young people about Parliament.

It uses a variety of activities to show how they can engage with and influence the democratic process, and includes House of Commons-style debates to encourage Scouts to think about arguments from all sides and develop their views on today’s most important political issues.

A Scouts spokesman said: “While outdoor activities and adventure are central to Scouting, preparing young people to be active citizens and participants in their communities is also at the core of the movement.

“The resource, created in partnership with Parliament’s Education Service, will build on activities such as the successful Scouts Question Time and the Scouts Speak Up events at this year’s party conferences, to get young people talking to politicians and to develop the important relationships between Scouts and their local MPs.!

Edward Timpson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, said: “It is important for young people to understand that parliament is an institution they can engage with and influence.

“This new resource provides a great introduction to how parliament works, and by showing Scouts how they can participate in our democratic process, will help them build on the valuable contribution Scouts already make in their communities.”