Poll - is littering becoming a bigger problem?

Litter left in the Pinewoods in Harrogate.
Litter left in the Pinewoods in Harrogate.

As the summer months arrive and the sun, hopefully, starts to make a more regular appearance, people will take to public spaces for picnics and the like for alfresco eating and drink.

But it seems that in places such as The Stray in Harrogate and the eating area by the river Wharfe by the Wilderness car park in Wetherby there comes a sad inevitability that after a sunny weekend by Monday morning there will be piles of litter left by revellers who cannot be bothered to tidy up after themselves.

This seems to have been the case for many years and I, for one, get incredibly upset to see our beautiful public spaces disrespected in this manner.

The question we want to put to our readers is: do you think littering is getting worse? The poll is to the right of this story. The results will be published in next Thursday’s paper.

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