New plan for home in village pub's car park

The Galphay Inn and the adjoining car park. Image: Google Maps
The Galphay Inn and the adjoining car park. Image: Google Maps

Living in the car park of a pub might not be everyone's cup of tea - or rather, pint of choice - but an application to do just that is what Harrogate councillors will weigh-up next week.

Planning committee members will be asked to decide on a proposal to build a two-storey home on land at the back of the Galphay Inn at their May 14 meeting.

The proposal requires permission from the committee after it was called in by Coun Pat Marsh over concerns it would lead to a loss of parking and have a negative impact on the local narrow roads.

Applicants Silver River Properties have submitted a letter from the pub's owner Christoper Dore, who wrote that the pub is not a destination establishment and relies on local trade and visitors from nearby caravan parks for business.

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Mr Dore, who has owned the inn for about 18 months, said construction of a dwelling in the car park would help provide a "sustainable business model" that would also provide funds needed for a new roof for the pub.

"It is my intent for the Galphay Inn to be successful and show a moderate return on capital investment, to be a village and area asset and also to continue to provide much needed local employment especially for those in their late teens and early twenties," Mr Duke wrote.

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The proposal has received 30 letters of objection, with complaints including that the home design is too large and cramped, and will cause harm to character of the pub and visual amenity.

Parking is another contentious issue, with residents voicing their concerns the development will lead to the loss of inner-village parking space.

However, the council's examination of the site found the majority of the land "is not suitable for parking" and, if it was marked out, there would currently be a maximum of nine parking spaces.

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"The proposal shows six spaces for the pub and two for the dwelling. Dedicated spaces would create more efficient parking," the council's report reads.

The application has the support of the council, who have recommended it for approval.

Council officers have stated the proposal would contribute to the area's housing needs, while its construction and occupation would contribute economically to the village.

"It would also have a positive visual environmental benefit in tidying up the currently underused and untidy part of the site," the report states.

Council officers also said the design of the building suited the surrounding area, while the impact on residential amenities and highway safety was considered positively too.

The proposed dwelling includes a ground floor kitchen, lounge, bootroom, and water closet, with three first floor bedrooms with one ensuite and one house bathroom.

The home would be constructed of coursed stone under a slate roof in an attempt to fit in with the surrounding buildings near the inn.

Lachlan Leeming, Local Democracy Reporter