New Boston Spa council chair plans to open up process to public

Boston Spa Parish Council chair Tim Baker.
Boston Spa Parish Council chair Tim Baker.

One of the councillors who resigned as part of a mass walk out has been elected as chair of Boston Spa Parish Council.

Coun Tim Baker, who took up the post at a meeting this week, has big changes in mind and wants to make the council more open to public input.

He was one of four councillors who resigned in December, when he said the council was ‘split in half’ by a difference of opinion.

Moving forward, he said it is an exciting time for Boston Spa and there is a lot to be getting on with.

“I think there is a lot of unfinished business and it is a really exciting time for our village.

“There’s the neighbourhood plan, Church Fields is coming along nicely, we need to decide what to do with Stables Lane following the disastrous fire there, and the shared space initiative has been taken up by several members of the council.

“Feedback from residents has been that they were disappointed last year when we resigned and several people approached us to say it was a shame what had happened and they hoped we returned, so we did.”

Coun Marina Huem has taken up the post of vice chair and will be responsible for communicating the council’s activities to the wider public.

This will be a major focus as the council makes it plans.

Coun Baker said: “It isn’t just the parish council saying what will and won’t happen, we are actually consulting with people. Lets not sit round a table dictating what we want.

“It was an extremely enthusiastic and positive meeting for our first and I very much look forward to working alongside my colleagues to create the kind of village we deserve.

“We will do that by listening to residents and working along in a much more cooperative way.”

An important part of the village and something for the council to pay particular attention to in the coming months will be the future of the Crown Hotel, after it was revealed last week that Tesco would not be converting it into an Express store.

“We now have a building that has sat empty for three years, and what concerns us is what future that building has,” Coun Baker said.

He also paid tribute to the councillors who left.