Harrogate mum preparing for "uncertain future" after Brexit vote

Lucy Playford with her family
Lucy Playford with her family

A Harrogate blogger and mother-of-three says her family life and future plans have been plunged into uncertainty following the country’s Brexit vote in June.

The outcome of June’s referendum has sparked high levels of uncertainty in the economy which, in turn, has had a knock on effect on many individuals.

The threat of losing access to the European Single Market, and the accompanying benefits of overseas sales and investment, has caused some businesses to struggle.

Lloyds Banking announced they were cutting 3,000 jobs and closing 200 branches because of the uncertainty, despite doubling its pre-tax profits.

Lucy Playford, founder of the Harrogate Mama blog, said the threat of economic uncertainty following the vote has prevented her family from making major lifestyle decisions.

She said: “For us as a family, we voted to remain so we were quite shocked when the decision was announced that we would be leaving the EU.

“It has meant a lot of uncertainty for us. My husband works for an international road construction company in the UK and they’ve just announced a recruitment freeze.

“The construction industry has been hit quite badly with the recession previously and he’s been threatened with redundancy before but managed to escape it.

“We finally felt like we were coming out the worst side of it but, after the Brexit vote, that economic uncertainty is looming over us again.”

The financial markets have fluctuated in their response to Brexit with the pound immediately falling heavily against the US dollar before making up ground.

However, the FTSE 100 has reached new year highs compared to a dramatic fall in economic activity, not seen since the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Lucy blamed the instability on postponing plans for an extension to their house and stressed this was not an unusual occurrence for families.

She said: “We don’t want to be in a situation of taking on new plans and then facing a redundancy. But everyone I know is feeling the same.

“I know that nothing awful has happened yet, it’s just difficult feeling like you can’t properly plan for the future.

“In the longer term though, I’m more concerned that my children are going to be growing up in a situation that is completely different to how I grew up.

"They may not be able to take full advantage of the cultural opportunities we had growing up and I’m saddened by that loss for them.”