Election 2015.
Election 2015.


Conservative candidate Nigel Adams:

Conservative candidate for Selby and Ainsty Nigel Adams. (S)

Conservative candidate for Selby and Ainsty Nigel Adams. (S)

With polling day approaching I want to thank local residents for the terrific response I’ve received during the campaign and for the many messages of support.

Since 2010, we have been working to a plan to turn Britain around and that plan is working and it’s working for our part of North Yorkshire. Over the last five years we have seen Labour’s deficit halved and we now have one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

We have cut income tax for 30,000 residents in this constituency and taken 4,150 of the lowest paid local people out of tax altogether.

Unemployment in the Selby and Ainsty constituency is down by almost 60 per cent and 4,000 local young people have started apprenticeships. We also have more NHS nurses and doctors in the local area.

Selby and Ainsty Labour candidate Mark Hayes. (S)

Selby and Ainsty Labour candidate Mark Hayes. (S)

Now more than ever we need strong and competent leadership, not chaos and instability under Labour propped up by the SNP. With rising instability abroad, now is the worst possible time to vote for instability at home.

Instead we should stick with the plan that is delivering a brighter and more secure future. For the last five years I have worked hard speaking up for a fairer deal for our area, for superfast broadband, for better rail services, campaigning against inappropriate development and lobbying for high profile events like the Olympic Torch relay and the Tour de France.

Having grown up here and having lived for almost forty years in this constituency, I would like to build on the last five years work I’ve put in to continue making a real difference for our part of North Yorkshire.

Labour candidate Mark Hayes:

Green Party candidate for Selby and Ainsty Ian Richards. (S)

Green Party candidate for Selby and Ainsty Ian Richards. (S)

I am standing for Parliament because our NHS is at risk and I have the knowledge and experience that can help save it and get it fit for the future.

I have nearly 30 years’ experience as a doctor and for the past three years I have successfully led our local NHS, turning its finances around, so I am very aware of the financial pressures affecting the health service.

By 2020 the NHS will need £30bn a year more than it has to spend.

The chief executive of the NHS hopes we can save £22bn through efficiencies, but no health system anywhere in the world has ever succeeded in saving that amount of money.

UKIP candidate for Selby and Ainsty Colin Heath. (S)

UKIP candidate for Selby and Ainsty Colin Heath. (S)

To help you visualise the size of the challenge, if we converted money into time and £1 was a second then £30,000,000,000 would be 950 years.

I am very concerned about the future of the NHS and I think the British people should be too.

If you elect me as your MP, I will use my detailed knowledge of the workings of the NHS to ensure the right decisions are made in Parliament. If you value the NHS please vote Labour on May 7.

Green Party candidate Ian Richards:

I moved to Yorkshire in 1987, and then in ‘98 moved to Selby. I am a university graduate, with a modern languages degree from Hull University.

I am delighted to have been selected and am looking forward to campaigning to help those hardest hit by the austerity measures of the coalition government, measures which seem to be an attempt to make the poorest in society pay for problems caused by the wealthiest.

We need to rethink how we care for people through paying a living wage, fighting against NHS privatisation, making our children’s education a priority and investing in clean, affordable energy. The coalition hasn’t done any of this and they’ve had five years to make things better.

The Selby Greens are part of a concerted effort by the Green Party of England and Wales to increase its local councillors and parliamentary candidates across Yorkshire in a bid to become a strong voice for change across the county.

I am glad to have my chance to stand, and to try to make a difference to this area. I am offering Selby and Ainsty residents a chance to vote for what they believe in and really make a difference.

UKIP candidate Colin Heath:

A simple question for you. Are you happy to continue to:

a. be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who impose about 75 per cent of our laws on us with no right of amendment?

b. spend £12bn per year of our money on overseas aid, a good proportion of which goes into the pockets of consultants and tyrants? Emergency/disaster relief, clean water and inoculation programmes cost a small fraction of this amount.

c. send truckloads of English taxpayers’ money per year over the border to Scotland, where they have free university tuition and prescription charges? Public spending on every Scot is at least £1,400 higher than in the rest of UK.

d. spend a possible £4bn per year on HS2 vanity project, which will rip through our countryside, benefit very few, and suck industry south towards London? All this at a time when our ageing transport infrastructure is starved of funds.

e. have virtually no control over our borders and be blocked from deporting foreign criminals, whose “human rights” may be infringed?

If so, I have some good news for you. You can vote for almost any of the major parties, who are terrified of confronting these issues. If not, you have but one choice. Vote UKIP.

The Lib Dem candidate for Selby and Ainsty Nicola Turner was approached for a comment but did not provide one.