Boston Spa neighbourhood plan finalised

Boston Spa neighbourhood plan group. (S)
Boston Spa neighbourhood plan group. (S)

The neighbourhood plan for Boston Spa, charting development in the village, is now finalised.

Called Boston Spa - Respecting History, Adapting to Change, Improving Lives, the plan will be subject to a programme of events leading up to the village-wide consultation in July and August.

This process has already started with the publication of an outline of the plan in the Parish Council annual newsletter, to be delivered to households by the end of April.

Geoff Shaw, chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Group, said: “The plan represents what residents have said they want for their village.

It is ambitious but realistic and is in favour of growth and change. It will have legal status and we firmly believe it provides an exciting blue print for the present and the future.

“We ask all residents to support this initiative, to look at the information we are providing, to attend the events, to ask questions and to make comments. This provides a real opportunity to have a say in the future development of your community.”

The Neighbourhood Plan Gazebo will be in Millennium Gardens on April 25 and Church Fields Car Park on May 9, from 10am to 2pm, to enable residents to talk about the Plan and give their comments. The gazebo will also be at the Village Gala in Stables Lane Playing Field on June 13.

At the annual parish meeting on May 13, there will be a presentation and a further opportunity for residents to ask questions and give comments.

An exhibition in the Village Hall on July 3 and 4 marks the start of a six week consultation period.

The full plan will be available on the website and copies will be available at the Village Hall.

A summary of the plan will be delivered immediately before the start of the consultation period. Following the consultation, all comments will be collated and amendments made before it is submitted to Leeds City Council for approval and then examined by an independent government inspector.

Finally there will be a referendum for residents to vote on the plan.