Police launch burglary blitz

WETHERBY police have carried out a special operation to clamp down on the number of burglaries.

Officers carried out a number of stop and search checks and were supported by the Regional Roads Crime Team, a unit which uses the latest technology- including automatic vehicle plate registration- to track down vehicles which are known to be of interest to police in the Yorkshire region.

PC Dave Manson and PC Stephen Lane, of Wetherby Police, teamed up with the Regional Roads Crime Team in the bid to crack down on the number of burglaries taking place overnight.

The operation took place on Tuesday and Wednesday last week between 6pm and 4am.

PC Manson said: “The purpose of this operation was to offer high visibility patrol in the area and to prevent crime in the community, paying particular attention to burglaries. We had a successful couple of nights with no burglaries reported in the area and we hope to carry out a similar operation in the near future.”

PC Stephen Lane urged people not to be afraid of wasting police time by reporting anybody acting suspiciously in the area. He said: “A lot of people wrongly assume they are wasting our time by calling us if they see suspicious activity going on, but we would rather people let us know about something, even if it turns out to be perfectly innocent, than miss catching a criminal.”

“Anything suspicious, such as someone looking up and down a driveway or going into other people’s drives could be an indication. We want to encourage people to contact us if they see anything that makes them feel uneasy.”

“It is also important for people, especially at this time of year to be extra vigilant with security to try and prevent burglaries. Windows are often left open due to the heat so we ask people to be extra cautious and make sure all doors and windows are locked.”

The operation by local officers follows statistics published this month which rated Leeds as the third worst place in England and Wales for burglaries. The city was criticised by the Audit Commission for its burglary levels in 2009-10.

Despite improvements in 2010-11 the city had 8,869 burglaries, the third highest rate in England and Wales.

l For a free home security survey, or to report any suspicious activity in your area, contact Wetherby Police Station on 0113 0113 285 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.