Police fitness: battle of the bleep test

Police officer
Police officer

North Yorkshire Police have hit back after figures showed its officers have the worst fitness levels in the country.

The force had a 16.2 per cent test failure rate according to figures released by the College of Policing, with Lancashire coming in second worst at 6.4 per cent and 5.4 per cent of South Yorkshire officers failing.

North Yorkshire Police have hit back and said the figures are from one snapshot in time and are not representative of fitness levels in the force.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy, said: “The actual pass rate for North Yorkshire Police officers who have taken the fitness test is 94.6 per cent, with 1,153 officers passing the test out of 1,219 who have taken it so far.

“The results issued by the college today are taken from a small snapshot in time and include the results of only 74 tests.

“Fitness tests were introduced voluntarily in North Yorkshire ahead of the national recommendations coming into force in September 2014.

“Support, advice and encouragement will be provided to any officers who are struggling to reach the required fitness level.

“Health and fitness is important for everyone’s wellbeing, regardless of the their role and North Yorkshire Police encourages and supports all officers and staff who wish to improve their fitness.”