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The Careers Carousel day at Wetherby High School
The Careers Carousel day at Wetherby High School

As the unemployment rate for 16-24 year olds reaches three times that of their elders, any help on offer from experienced professionals could be considered a blessing.

Wetherby High School came into its own when governors Angela Martin and Simon Parrish asked an impressive array of successful business people from the worlds of ICT, law, retail, management and performing arts to come in and talk to sixth form students about their own career paths. The professionals included former Wetherby High School pupils, members of the governing body as well as associates of the British Library, one of the school’s valued trust partners. Even some of the teachers got involved.

You may at this point be thinking that having to talk to an employee about a career you find unengaging could be awkward but you would be wrong! As a student who took part in this event I can say with clarity that listening to the stories of volunteer work, post-school endeavours and the hard labour they put into building their futures inspired and motivated me. Not only did they give an insight into the many possible paths that could be taken towards my dream career but I realised that even when the government appear to be fumbling with this significant issue of unemployment, there are a select few who are willing to help the next generation.

As a result I believe that every school should have a Careers Carousel; a day dedicated to understanding the possibilities open to students once they finish school. So I’ll leave you with an essential piece of advice I learnt that day; ‘Carpe Diem’, seize the day, for it is the pathways you create for yourself now that will set you up for your whole life.

Douglas Ward-Sixth form student at Wetherby High School