Plans to change pub into a Sainsbury’s re-submitted

PLANS to turn a Harrogate pub into a Sainsbury’s convenience store have been re-submitted by the owners.

Marston’s initial application to convert the Mile Post to a supermarket, and add an extension, was withdrawn in April following resistance from residents.

Its new submission sees changes to the proposed road access and the design of the extension, while the firm has attempted to address concerns about parking and store deliveries.

In a letter to residents, communications officer Jeremy Eaton said: “Following our initial application we have, in full consultation with the planning officer, highways and the design and conservation officers, made a number of amendments.

“In particular, we have improved the access provision and made changes to the architectural design of the extension to the building. The scheme is now in accordance with the required standards and will improve the use and appearance of this site for the local residents.”

The height of the proposed extension - which would replace an “unsightly” two-storey structure - has been reduced, so it will be level with the single-storey wings of the main building.

Its frontage will no longer protrude past the wall-line of the existing building and will be in matching materials.

Mr Eaton looked to address concerns about parking by saying the vast majority of customers would walk to the store. He said delivery hours, controlled by the council, were “likely to give consideration to the proximity of nearby properties”.

There are currently five full-time jobs on site. A new store would create up to 20 full and part-time positions.

Marston’s original plan, submitted in April, proved controversial, with dozens of objectors registering concerns on Harrogate Council’s website, saying it could threaten the livelihoods of those employed in other shops on Leeds Road.

At the time, objector Paul Sykes said: “Sainsbury’s has got three shops around town already. I would perhaps say: ‘Do we want a spa town or do we want a Sainsbury’s town?’”