Wedding couple show true grit despite icy setback

NADV 1502021AM3 John Foster-Naylor and Peter Foster-Naylor. (1502021AM3)
NADV 1502021AM3 John Foster-Naylor and Peter Foster-Naylor. (1502021AM3)

A Harrogate man was left hobbling on his wedding day after the path outside his home was left ungritted.

Peter Foster-Naylor, 47, slipped on the steps between Kings Road and Cheltenham Mount after going to Marks&

Spencer to pick up his wedding cake.

Despite a slightly bashed cake and a bruised knee, Peter managed to limp down the aisle and even managed a dance with his new husband at the reception.

Peter married John Foster-Naylor, 42 at Harrogate registry office on Friday, the couple have been in a civil partnership for five years.

John said: “He is my husband, I can call him that now! It didn’t ruin the day of course, but it was a stressful morning.”

The couple have lived on Kings Road for 14 years.

John said: “It used to be gritted but this year it seems to have stopped.

“It is the main walkway from the International Centre and Kings Road into town, a lot of people use the steps and it is just too slippy.

“I understand that footpaths aren’t always gritted but this is a main walkway.”

John, who works as an activity and events co-ordinator at a care home in Kirk Hammerton, complained to Harrogate Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council as he fears one of his elderly neighbours may also take a fall on the icy steps.

He said: “Peter just went flying, he nearly ended up in hospital, it would be much worse for an elderly person.

“There are a lot of old people living around here, I worry about them falling and seriously hurting themselves,” John added.

There is a grit bin on the pathway, however John said it was empty when he went to make use of it, and that it is in the wrong place.

He said: “It is halfway up the steps, you have to climb up the slippy steps just to reach it.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire County Council said: “North Yorkshire has one of the largest road networks in the country – 9,000km. Our gritting network covers 4,400km and our gritter crews are on call 24 hours a day.

“During wintry conditions our priority one routes are gritted according to schedule. Priority two routes are gritted after priority one routes but only when conditions require their treatment.

“However during periods of prolonged heavy snowfall and icy conditions and after 72 hours of freezing temperatures, priority three routes such as this pathway are then also treated and then in priority order with main shopping areas and pedestrian routes gritted first then other important pavements and local shopping areas.

“During these very cold, icy conditions we ask all road and pavement users to travel with great care.”