Weather update: Risk of ice and snow in North Yorkshire

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Editorial image

A yellow warning for snow and ice in North Yorkshire this weekend remains in place, but the worst of the weather is expected on high ground.

The warning, issued by the Met office, advises motorists across North and West Yorkshire to be prepared for difficult driving conditions.

Ice is expected to become a problem, with temperatures plummeting rapidly.

The worst of the snow is expected to be over higher ground on Saturday, with up to six inches possible, but there could also be a covering at lower levels.

The warning, below in full, is valid from 6am on Saturday until 12pm on Sunday.

“Heavy showers are likely across the warning area, these falling as snow at low levels across much of Scotland and Northern Ireland, but over high ground further south.

“Within the area there could be localised small snow accumulations away from immediate coasts at low levels in the north, whilst over high ground 5-15 cm may occur in places.

“Temperatures will fall significantly during Saturday, this also posing the risk of ice where showers occur. The public should be aware of the risk of some difficult driving conditions.”

The Chief Forecaster’s assessment in full: “A strong, cold, unstable northwesterly airstream will affect the UK on Saturday and at first on Sunday, bringing showers across many northern and western regions, some of which heavy.

“Showers will fall as snow to low levels at times in the north and over high ground further south within the warning area.

“As temperatures are expected to take a plunge, icy conditions are also likely on some roads.

“Snow showers will also be accompanied by strong or very strong winds and this will likely give blizzard conditions over higher ground, leading to treacherous driving conditions on higher routes.”