Platinum celebration for Ripon couple who met during WW2

Pat and Glen hold their anniversary cards up proud.
Pat and Glen hold their anniversary cards up proud.

A Ripon couple who met in the final year of WW2 have looked back on their long life together as they celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary.

Bertha and Glenton Peacock, better known in Ripon as Pat and Glen have this week marked 70 years since the day they got married on October 12 1946.

Glen and Pat on their wedding day.

Glen and Pat on their wedding day.

The couple met in the RAF while Glen was in the fire-service and Pat was a wireless operator at North Coates in Lincolnshire.

After the war ended, Glen returned to his old job in his hometown, Ripon, working at Kearsley's paintworks.

Pat, who was originally from Colne in Lancashire, was moved down to Birmingham.

She said: “Because I’d been a wireless operator there was no need for me to do anything anymore so I was sent down to Birmingham to work at the demobbed place and we just kept in touch.

The couple would travel to see each other on their weekends off visiting Sheffield and going back to each other’s home towns.

On one occasion when Pat visited Glen at Ripon, the couple went for a walk, not far from Dallamaires Lane, when Glen proposed by asking ‘how’s about getting spliced’.

The couple were married at Christ Church in Colne not far from Pat’s home and had a wedding reception at a small cafe in the town.

She said: “It was sunny and bright and cold, we lived on the edge of the town and the church was about a mile into the country.

“At the end of the war my sister had been demobbed and she’d got her clothing coupons so she lent me some to buy a dress until I got mine.

“I tried a dress on in a shop and it was too short for me but it fit me so nice and I was so disappointed so they said if you can get another four coupons we can buy some material and put a frill around the bottom.”

After they tied the knot, the couple moved back to Ripon, living with Glen’s mother and while he worked at Kearsley's Pat worked at Woolworths.

In 1947 the couple had their first child - a daughter called Alwyn before they moved into their own house in 1948 and had two boys, Dennis in 1949 and Ian in 1951.

When the children went to school, Pat started working in a morning doing home help before she started helping out in the central kitchen at Bond Gate which served hot dinners to all the schools in Ripon.

In his spare time Glen kept a small holding at Deep Ghyll, an area where the Ripon bypass now sits , and stayed working at the paintworks until he retired at 65.

Today the couple have five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Pat said: “Whatever we’ve had it’s never been ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ its always been ‘ours’.”