Minnie the penguin turns 30

One of the oldest penguins in the world has celebrated their 30th birthday - more than double her life expectancy.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 2:35 pm

Minnie the Humbolt was treated to lots of tasty fish on Monday May 24 to mark the special occasion – while her keepers enjoyed fish-shaped biscuits for the festivities.

Most penguins of her kind only live for around 15 years, but Minnie – who stands out due to her blue armband and fashionable centre parting hairstyle – has long surpassed that age.

Adorable photos taken today show the black and white bird proudly posing in front of a colourful birthday banner displaying her name.

Minnie lives at Harewood House in Leeds, an 18th-century estate boasting more than 100 acres of gardens, after moving from Windsor Safari Park in 1992.

A Harewood House spokesman said: “A very special penguin turned 30 today.

“She enjoyed lots of tasty fish in the sunshine with her friends, and the keepers even joined the party with fish-shaped biscuits.”

In the Harewood Bird Garden is a colony of 13 Humboldt penguins.

The first penguins of the present group arrived in August 1989.

The penguin enclosure was specifically designed to replicate the coastline of Peru in South America where the Humboldt Penguins are from.

The swimming pools are different depths and areas, and there is a rocky slope leading to a plateau.

Visitors can book to see the penguins being fed.