Harrogate's homeowners feud over residential street parking

Residents of Rydal Road have blamed employees of Lookers PLC for the problems just off Knaresborough Road. PC: Google Maps.
Residents of Rydal Road have blamed employees of Lookers PLC for the problems just off Knaresborough Road. PC: Google Maps.

Harrogate home-owners have feuded with commuters who leave their cars on the residential roads near to their place of work.

Residents of the streets just off Knaresborough Road including Rydal Road and The Avenue have complained about the number of people using the roads for free parking.

The "bottleneck" situation has not only caused a "nuisance to residents" but has also sparked fears over safety where the parked cars create increasingly narrow spaces and blind spots.

Opening the debate to 'Advertiser readers on social media, Stuart Rhodes said: "It isn't just Rydal Road, it's all the way down to Starbeck. The whole area is now used as a park n ride zone by commuters working in Harrogate. Why pay 70p an hour parking in town when they can park on Rydal Road or The Avenue in Starbeck for free and for £2.20 get a return bus ticket to town every 10 minutes."

Another reader, Linda Cheung said: "Generally my concerns are on road safety because my in-laws find it incredibly difficult driving out of the street due to parked cars on either side of the junction blocking the views for oncoming traffic on either side! They need better road markings and not allow cars to park on the pavements where the pavements is raised!"

However others were of the opinion that residential roads should perhaps not only be reserved for the people who live there...

Andrew Hawkes commented: "People need to drive to work surprisingly. It's a very long road and a lot of people down there have drives to park in. I'm sure there's enough room for everyone. Harrogate is getting bigger by the year so it's probably worth getting used to it now as it's only going to get worse."

Rachael A Lunn also shared that view - she said: "We all pay road tax, as long as you're not parking illegally or blocking someone surely it's fair game!"

One reader, who wished to remain anonymous, described the parking on Rydal Road as a 'bottleneck' situation.

He said: "These cars belong to the staff of what was Benfield Motor Group, but now Lookers PLC, who leave their cars to walk across to the Knaresborough Road site and do not return until the end of the day.

"In fact staff park knowing that they cause a nuisance to residents, pedestrians and road users alike but shrug and walk away."

The 'Advertiser is awaiting a comment from Lookers PLC in response to this issue.